SCARLTETINA'S QUEST FOR FAIRY WINGS                                         THE EARTH CIRCLE

                                      PART ONE OF A TRILOGY   

                                     BY BESS DREW SHERRET                                                                                                            


                                      WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK?

As a grandparent I really didn't like all the dark stuff that seemed to bombard ME from television, films and books. EVERYWHERE THERE SEEMED TO BE Vampires, demons, ghouls and ghosts.
scary stuff, right!  
Like many children I had a vivid imagination and at night  IT didn't TAKE much to have me looking under my bed, convinced something nasty was LURKING there! I wanted to bring A DIFFERENT KIND OF magic and gentle teachings that would inspire instead of scare. a BOOK FILLED WITH SCARLETINA'S AMAZING ADVENTURES AND CAREFULLY RESEARCHED DETAILS ABOUT WOODLAND FLOWER AND FAUNA.
IT ALWAYS UPSET ME WHen I saw children breaking branches for no other reason than they wanted to, or ripping out flowers and throwing them away. I FELT COMPELLED to find a MAGICAL way OF showING that trees and plants are living, AND THE IMPORTANCE OF respectING all forms of life.
Scarletina has to earn her wings, JUST AS WE HAVE TO LEARN TO grow u[.  tHIS ENDEARING FAIRY is faced with challenges that children will totally understand, like, Should she lie? disobey her parents wishes? accept being bullied?
Overcoming these tests show children that even fairies have to learn that life is about CONSEQUENCES!
 The fairy Flower Greeters and Farwellers show THEir UNIQUE and respectful WAY OF CARING FOR theIR WOODLAND FLORA.
Suntra Spider, Scarletina's wise and knowing spider Guardian shares her wisdom AND THOUGHTS about being truthful and loving. 
I am proud Scarletina caused my granddaughter to say, as she handed me a posy of clover flowers tied up with grass, "Grandma, it is alright to pick flowers when we give them as a gift isn't it?"
I replied, "Of course it is, the flowers are happy to be chosen when they are given with love."
Your child, and you will enter the magical world of nightingale wood, a place that inspires, delights, encourages and gently teaches that love of our earth and each other, creates a world where miracles can happen.
Scarletina's next adventure "Scarletina's Quest for Fairy Wings the Moon Circle, is being woven at the moment.
so don't wait, read ABOUT her first adventures in Scarletina's Quest for Fairy Wings, the Earth Circle .. NOW!


                   (PUBLISHER) Friesen Editor's comments.

"You've written a charming story about Scarletina and her quest for fairy wings. What little girl doesn't have the same dream? Your characters are believable, and the situations Scarletina finds herself in are common dilemmas children face (although on an earthly plane). I think children will relate well to your story and will be eager to see what Scarletina encounters in the Moon Circle.Parents will also appreciate your story for the moral lessons it provides. The themes of trust, loyalty, honesty, and respect come through well at a child’s level. I also liked that you provide a couple of lessons for parents themselves when you write about how Scarletina’s parents deal with her in a straightforward but kind manner when they talk to her about the consequences of her behavior. You don’t often see lessons like these for two different audiences in a children’s book, and I’m impressed that you 1. included these themes, and 2. pulled them off effectively."