FROM: Emily 

Dear Bess Drew Sherret, I have recently read your book with delight and Enthusiasm I could NOT put it down!! (Much to my mothers annoyance at times!    I found your book to be full of magic, excitement and I was curious as what the next page would contain. You used your language in a way that made me feel empathy and emotion alongside the characters. Many times since reading this book, I have viewed nature (ie trees) with a whole new and magical perspective. I am very, very, VERY excited about the next book in the series as I can't wait to find out what adventures and lessons it holds for Scarletina (and myself). I hope you look upon this opinion with a smile on your face as you have helped me look beyond reality and have opened my mind to the concept of a real magic within this world. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next Goodbye for now xx
FROM: Tess Edwardes, GradDipJ from University of Canterbury, NZ Freelance writer/journalist
Scarletina’s Quest for Fairy Wings is the first of an enchanted saga – which could even hold the secret into gaining your very own wings of life. Author, Bess Drew Sherret, has spent most of her years as an actress – also telling endless stories, without even stopping for a breath. Consequently, her animated way with words, will play like a 3D movie in your head.
Her creatures and colourful worlds, dance deliciously through your imagination. Scarletina has been a lifetime in the making. This thoughtful little fairy, has always sat upon Bess’s shoulder, until it was time for her to burst onto the page, with a loud splatter!
Most of all, this is a story that will not leave you cowering under the covers. There is nothing to fear in this fairytale. To all eager readers, it will encourage a fearless excitement, as this purposeful tale is woven with precious teachings of the world and its inhabitants.
You will never look at an insect nor a flower or star again, without wonder and appreciation. Everything and everyone has an important life-task to complete. There are consequences and lessons to be learnt for every happy ending, even for us Two-Leggeds!
Join Scarletina, as she develops into the most mischievous, kind and clever little fairy, that ever fluttered. Even her name is a collision of naughty and nice. Move over Tinkerbell, Scarletina of Nightingale Wood is here, to take you with her, on her spellbinding adventures.       
Linda Ridden · Further education college in North Devon  - This story book is such a lovely gentle way to teach children how to live happy healthy lives and so good to see this book in print!        
Frances Wild - sounds like my kind of book my grandchildren will love it too         congratulations! 
Angela Hofmeister -This is a brilliantly written children's book! It is fun, mystical and educational.....the author subconsciously teaches the children about respecting themselves and the environment. by having them enter into Scarletina's Fairy Circle . Highly recommend it!  
Phyl Stott -So good to see it come to print at long last - lots of luck & Fairy Dust to you.  
Eleanor Tabor - Great story and writing, congratulations! 
Mike in Australia.... "As soon as I started to read it, I was instantly transported back to when I was quite young & used to see the fairy's that lived in their mushroom houses under the Hawthorn hedge beside our home. You have written a really lovely book that I feel every child should read, but then maybe every adult should too. Maybe then everyone would care more for Mother Earth & all that walks, flies & grows on her. Hoping do not have to wait toooooooooooo long for book 2."