SCARLETINA'S QUEST FOR FAIRY WINGS                                                              IS A MAGICAL READ


                                                      THE EARTH CIRCLE                                                                                was the  first book in the Scarletina's Quest for Fair Wings Trilogy.                                                                

Scarletina is a plucky little girl who is in the early stages of becoming a fairy. She attends the Earth Circle, where she studies the fairy  craft in the hopes that she will learn enough to cause her wings to bud and enable her to graduate to the Moon Circle. Along the way  she gets into mischief and must face the consequences handed down by her much-feared (yet loved) teacher, Tutty-Grandhill.
 Scarletina is never alone in her adventures. Her all-knowing guardian Suntra-Spider, can read her thoughts and is always nearby to  help the impulsive Scarletina get out of trouble. Her best friend, Shantreel tries to help her make the right decisions, but Scarletina  must follow her heart and her curiosity to learn the secrets of Nightingale wood.
 Along the way Scarletina discovers how fairies gather Stardust and welcome the flowers. She meets fairies who care for flowers and  trees and waterways. She sees the harm that the bad fairies and Two-Leggeds can inflict on the forest. Through all her adventures, Scarletina comes to understand how the fairy clans respect each other and live in harmony with all the creatures in their magical world.


                                                  THE MOON CIRCLE 

  is the second book in the Scarletina’s Quest for Fairy Wings trilogy. 

 Children will want to read this book and parents will need to share it, age doesn't matter as her story reaches everyone. Both will love reading about Scarletina, a spunky, kind hearted and sometimes impetuous fairy who reflects many of the issues and difficulties that children face today. They will be enthralled by her exciting adventures and escapades and completely captivated by her life in Nightingale Wood.
Our plucky fairy will show that she doesn't always get it right, doesn't always behave the way she should and doesn't always feel brave and confident. What she does show is that these challenges can be overcome; sometimes it’s with the help of fairy and animal friends, but at other times she finds and uses her own hidden innate strengths.
These trials help her learn about loyalty, compassion, honesty, truthfulness and how the strength of love can be the most powerful and empowering of all emotions.
All these important elements are skillfully written into Scarletina's woodland life where her teachers are her family and friends and, of course, the all-important flowers and fauna that live there.
This is the second part of Scarletina’s journey to earn her wings. She has to graduate from the Moon Circle before she can progress to the Sun Circle, where her wings will unfold and she will learn how to fly.



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